ADDWF f, dAdd W and f
ADDWFC f, dAdd with Carry W and f
ANDWF f, dAND W with f
ASRF f, dArithmetic Right Shift
LSLF f, dLogical Left Shift
LSRF f, dLogical Right Shift
CLRF fClear f
CLRW Clear W
COMF f, dComplement f
DECF f, dDecrement f
INCF f, dIncrement f
IORWF f, dInclusive OR W with f
MOVF f, dMove f
MOVWF fMove W to f
RLF f, dRotate Left f through Carry
RRF f, dRotate Right f through Carry
SUBWF f, dSubtract W from f
SUBWFB f, dSubtract with Borrow W from f
SWAPF f, dSwap nibbles in f
XORWF f, dExclusive OR W with f
DECFSZ f, dDecrement f, Skip if 0
INCFSZ f, dIncrement f, Skip if 0
BCF f, bBit Clear f
BSF f, bBit Set f
BTFSC f, bBit Test f, Skip if Clear
BTFSS f, bBit Test f, Skip if Set
ADDLW kAdd literal and W
ANDLW kAND literal with W
IORLW kInclusive OR literal with W
MOVLB kMove literal to BSR
MOVLP kMove literal to PCLATH
MOVLW kMove literal to W
SUBLW kSubtract W from literal
XORLW kExclusive OR literal with W
BRA kRelative Branch
BRWRelative Branch with W
CALL kCall Subroutine
CALLWCall Subroutine with W
GOTO kGo to address
RETFIE kReturn from interrupt
RETLW kReturn with literal in W
RETURN Return from Subroutine
CLRWDTClear Watchdog Timer
NOPNo Operation
OPTIONLoad OPTION_REG register with W
RESETSoftware device Reset
SLEEPGo into Standby mode
TRIS fLoad TRIS register with W
ADDFSR n, kAdd Literal k to FSRn
MOVIW n mmMove Indirect FSRn to W with pre/post inc/dec modifier, mm
MOVIW k[n]Move INDFn to W, Indexed Indirect
MOVWI n mmMove W to Indirect FSRn with pre/post inc/dec modifier, mm
MOVWI k[n]Move W to INDFn, Indexed Indirect