Nokia N900 >> PostMarketOS

i3wm conf

1. Nokia_N900


font pango:monospace 8

new_window 1pixel

workspace_layout tabbed

mode "workspace" {
        bindsym a workspace 1
        bindsym s workspace 2
        bindsym d workspace 3
        bindsym f workspace 4
        bindsym g workspace 5
        bindsym Left workspace prev
        bindsym Right workspace next
        bindsym Shift+Left move container to workspace prev
        bindsym Shift+Right move container to workspace next
        bindsym q mode "command"

# Control the music player daemon. Keybindings are roughly the same as in
# the ncmpcpp client.
mode "mpd" {
        bindsym p exec mpc toggle
        bindsym s exec mpc stop

        bindsym Left exec mpc prev
        bindsym Right exec mpc next
        bindsym Up exec mpc vol +2
        bindsym Down exec mpc vol -2

        bindsym n exec st -f "Liberation Mono-12" -e ncmpcpp; mode "default"
        bindsym q mode "command"

mode "command" {
        bindsym t exec st -f "Liberation Mono-12" -e ~/; mode "default"
        bindsym d exec dmenu_run; mode "default"
        bindsym q mode "default"
        bindsym k kill; mode "default"
        bindsym b exec netsurf
        bindsym r restart

        bindsym Left focus left
        bindsym Right focus right
        bindsym Up focus up
        bindsym Down focus down

        bindsym Shift+Left move left
        bindsym Shift+Right move right
        bindsym Shift+Up move up
        bindsym Shift+Down move down

        bindsym h split h
        bindsym v split v

        bindsym w mode "workspace"
        bindsym m mode "mpd"

# Enter command mode
bindsym Shift+space mode "command"

# This is the slidey button on the side
bindsym XF86ScreenSaver exec --no-startup-id

# Pressing the power button suspends the device
bindsym XF86PowerOff exec --no-startup-id sudo pm-suspend

# Start i3bar to display a workspace bar (plus the system information i3status
# finds out, if available)
bar {
        position top
        status_command i3blocks
        colors {
                background #000000
                statusline #ffffff
                separator #009900
                focused_workspace #009900 #009900 #ffffff
                inactive_workspace #003300 #003300 #dddddd
                urgent_workspace #990000 #990000 #fffff

# Wallpaper
exec_always --no-startup-id feh --bg-fill /usr/share/wallpapers/postmarketos.jpg

# Hide mouse cursor
exec --no-startup-id unclutter-xfixes --fork

# Display various information on desktop (see conky config)
exec --no-startup-id conky --daemonize


defaultshift + spaceswitch to "command mode"
commandtopen terminal
kkill current program
wworkspace mode
rrestart i3wm (use after modifying the config)
qgo back to "default mode"
workspacea/s/d/f/gswitch to workspace 1/2/3/4/5
qgo back to "command mode"