Gemini PDA 4G >> Android >> Termux

build stm8flash


$ cd
$ git clone
$ vim Makefile +69
    #mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin/
    #cp $(BIN)$(BIN_SUFFIX) $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin/
    mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/bin/
    cp $(BIN)$(BIN_SUFFIX) $(PREFIX)/bin/

$ make
$ make install
$ stm8flash
Usage: stm8flash [-c programmer] [-p partno] [-s memtype] [-b bytes] [-r|-w|-v] 
	-?             Display this help
	-c programmer  Specify programmer used (stlink, stlinkv2 or espstlink)
	-d port        Specify the serial device for espstlink (default: /dev/ttyUSB0)
	-p partno      Specify STM8 device
	-l             List supported STM8 devices
	-s memtype     Specify memory type (flash, eeprom, ram, opt or explicit address)
	-b bytes       Specify number of bytes
	-r   Read data from device to file
	-w   Write data from file to device
	-v   Verify data in device against file
	-V             Print Date(YearMonthDay-Version) and Version format is IE: 20171204-1.0
	-u             Unlock. Reset option bytes to factory default to remove write protection.